Discover the durability and beauty of Main Street Lighting’s Fiberglass poles.

The cornerstone of Main Street Lighting's four-decades-long success story is the adherence to our “classic design” and innovative solutions. When you compare the quality of our products, their classic design, ease of installations and unique blending of aluminum and new millennium fiberglass technology of our resin transfer method (RTM); you will witness an indistinguishable replica of the classic ornamental cast iron designs without heavy lifting installation equipment and many years of maintenance-free service which are a constant cost factor in cast iron poles. It becomes apparent why many utilities have utilized our fiberglass poles for nearly our entire history.


Main Street Lighting’s fiberglass lighting poles are extremely resistant to the elements and can withstand high wind loads.

How durable are our fiberglass poles? Our poles are still standing straight and tall in Miami Beach, and have been for nearly 20 years. For extra durability and to further protect the resin, we mold a 3˝ diameter cast ASTM 319 aluminum tenon into the top of every pole.

Impact Resistant

Fiberglass poles are much more resistant to the impact that will crack, dent or chip conventional poles.

Reduced Maintenance

Our fiberglass poles do not rust and are resistant to the corrosive effects of road salt, salt water and fertilizers.

Competitively Priced

Get the value and benefits of our fiberglass poles, comparably priced to conventional poles.

Reduced Labor

Save labor costs on the installation of our lightweight fiberglass poles with no need for heavy equipment.

Through our commitment to customer service and proprietary manufacturing process, we’re proud to offer custom solutions to fit all your lighting needs.